Prepare for Winter: Finance Your Snow Removal Equipment

snow removal equipment can be leased or financed

If you own a business – especially in the landscaping or snow removal industries – you’ve probably already begun planning for the opportunities and challenges winter brings. But if the up-front cost of plows, salt spreaders and snow blowers is more of a burden than anticipated, you could be left in a bind when that first major snowfall hits. The solution is simple: finance your landscaping equipment, and you’re sure to be prepared for whatever winter sends your way.

Here are just three of the many benefits to financing your snow removal and landscaping machinery:

Lower Costs.

Financing allows you to budget your equipment costs over a period of time instead of making one hefty payment right away. Lower up-front costs also benefit your line of credit – make smaller payments on landscaping equipment, and you can save your credit for other investments such as marketing or technology.

Regular Upgrades.

Under a lease or financing plan, you may be provided with upgraded equipment each year at a far more affordable rate than constant full replacement. This is especially important regarding snow and ice removal – updates in the industry translate to greater efficiency and safety for your customers, employees and operators.

Financial Benefits.

Certain types of leases can make you eligible for tax exemptions and deductions, so be sure to check with your accountant and financial advisors. You may also be able to refinance existing landscaping equipment, gaining the opportunity to free up capital even if you haven’t been on a plan in the past. Some equipment financiers (including Madison Capital) will even accept skip and seasonal payments, further reducing the financial burden of machinery.

Ready to batten down the hatches and finance your snow and ice removal equipment? Winter is coming, so now is the time!

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