Vendor Financing Information

Vendor relationships are an important part of our business. Madison Capital offers vendor financing programs for most types of equipment and vehicles. Leasing is a financing option making good sense for both you and your customers. Leasing is an option that can quickly solve your customer’s financing needs, increase your sales, and improve your financial position. Madison Capital allows you the opportunity to offer your customers flexible terms to help overcome most objections. In order to make sure your sales representatives are knowledgeable and comfortable with using leasing as a closing tool, we provide training, custom marketing materials, and other helpful sales tools.

Vendor Financing Benefits

Better satisfy customer needs

  • Allows the customer easy access to immediate and convenient financing of your product making your sale “affordable” and you “easy to buy from”.

Increase your sales

  • Expand your customer base by providing an easy payment solution
  • Customers may purchase more thus increasing your average sale per customer.

Improve your financial position

  • Using our leasing programs requires no financial obligation on your part
  • Your cash flow is maximized since Madison pays immediately upon customer acceptance

Selling Benefits

  • Helps decrease the sale cycle and close more sales quicker
  • Avoids delayed decisions until cash or budget dollars are available
  • Provides a response to price objections
  • Overcome “sticker shock” by offering a monthly payment instead of a cash price
  • Facilitates repeat business
  • Control the sale – Madison keeps you informed every step of the way
  • Keeps you competitive. If you’re not offering leasing, chances are, your competition is.

Getting Started Is Easy

After choosing Madison Capital as your financing partner we will:

  • Train and educate your account representatives
  • Develop custom quoting tools making it easy to integrate financing in to your sales channel
  • Provide marketing support for trade shows and seminars
  • Provide custom marketing materials and help with integrating financing verbiage and links to your website
  • Track application, approval, and documentation
  • Provide excellent communication and customer service

Thank you for your interest in our Vendor Financing. Please complete and e-mail the application to or fax to 443.796.7200. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

For more information, please download our Vendor Brochure or give us a call 800.733.5529.