There are numerous advantages to lease financing

Lease financing offers a number of advantages for businesses. It allows them to acquire the equipment and services they need without having to commit to a large capital expenditure upfront. It also provides flexibility, enabling businesses to select lease terms that best fit their needs and cash flow requirements. Furthermore, lease payments might be treated as a business expense for tax purposes, meaning lease finance costs can be written off in most cases. This can result in significant savings for business owners, who can take advantage of the lower payments associated with lease financing. In addition, lease financing can often be provided quickly and easily with minimal paperwork compared to other types of financing options. All these reasons together make lease financing an attractive option for businesses looking beyond traditional capital investment sources.

Less initial cash investment required

Madison has numerous programs and flexible structures to help you meet your financial needs including minimal funds due at contract signing.

Lower monthly payments

For vehicles with residuals and fair market value equipment leases, you only pay for the duration of use – get more bang for your buck!

Tax benefits

Depending on the lease structure chosen, the payment may be expensed rather than capitalized and depreciated.

Fast turnaround time

Allows for quicker acquisition and therefore use of your equipment and/or vehicles.

Conserve your capital

For alternative uses including investments, improvements, more inventory, and preservation of bank line of credit

Avoid technological obsolescence

Lease equipment requiring replacement in three to five years

Assist corporate growth

Build additional trade references and a financing ally.

Let the equipment pay for itself

Use a portion of the income produced to make the lease payment

Fixed rate financing

No need to worry about rising interest rates throughout the contract term. Fixed monthly payments make budgeting easier.

At Madison Capital, we make it easier for businesses to access the assets they need to grow. We go above and beyond for our customers with contract-based leasing solutions tailored to their individual needs. Our customer-centric approach helps business owners navigate through the complexities of asset acquisition to gain access to flexible financing at competitive rates. We are passionate about finding innovative ways to help businesses like yours thrive and look forward to working with you soon!

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