Lease Your Décor This Holiday Season

snowman holiday display for retailLease Your Décor This Holiday Season

As a retail business owner or property manager, seasonal decorations may not be on your current list of necessities – but they should be. Statistics show that retailers make between 20% and 40% of their total yearly income during the holidays. Therefore, it is imperative to put your best foot forward and engage customers fully in the spirit of the season. A storefront without decorations looks bare, unwelcoming, or worse: closed for business.

If your hesitation to deck your halls this year is financial, there’s a simple solution gaining rapidly in popularity –  lease financing. Here are three reasons why acquiring a professional décor package can help you take advantage of the holiday rush:


At best, setting up decorations – especially large displays – can be a hassle that takes hours to complete. At worst, it can be dangerous, involving ladders and electrical equipment that could cause harm to the person performing the assembly. Most professional décor providers offer a “full-service” decor package that includes installation and removal, saving time and minimizing risk for you and your employees.


In a perfect world, buying and owning décor involves just one shopping trip and just one expense. However, both indoor and outdoor decorations are subject to wear and tear. To preserve its useful life, leased décor should be maintained yearly by your provider. Leasing makes it easy to update your display each season, giving your business a dynamic look that will capture customers’ attention year after year.


Leasing allows you to budget more easily for this significant capital expenditure. It enables you to spread the cost of your new décor package over its useful life.  Terms can range from 36 – 60 months in duration and your monthly payments are fixed for the term.

It’s important to find a holiday décor lessor who understands your business and will tailor the financing program to your needs. With 120 years of combined experience, the executive team at Madison Capital can help you acquire the décor you need to maximize your holiday profit. Contact us today to get started.