When bank financing is not an option, there are alternative solutions available

VP Business Development

Tom Myers, VP Business Development

I talk with a lot of business owners; many are trying to respond to market opportunities by expanding their business. Often new or used equipment and/or vehicles are needed. Many businesses are having a difficult time obtaining bank financing and they are not aware of alternatives.  Nonbank financing can be an attractive solution to traditional bank financing for most small to medium sized businesses. Nonbank financing is similar to bank financing; however, it is typically more flexible.  

The vast majority of business failures are due to a lack of working capital. Alternative financing can be a much better option than using credit cards or pulling funds out of operating capital. A more complete understanding of the different types of nonbank financing can provide a business owner with more options and flexibility. Madison Capital  is a nonbank finance company that has been providing financing and leasing to small and medium –sized businesses for over 35 years.  Unlike traditional bank financing, we make credit decisions quickly, often within 48 hours, guiding you through every step of the financing process.