Equipment & Vehicle Financing Highlights

Madison Capital continues to serve businesses with equipment and vehicle financing solutions for their needs. The following are a few recent highlights:

Need:  A company in the portable restroom business needed to finance 2 used trailers and approximately 100 portable toilets.  Some of the equipment had recently been purchased by the company.


Result: Madison Capital was able to provide 85K of financing that included both the acquisition of additional equipment and re-imbursement of the previously purchased equipment.


Need:  Mid-West trucking company desired financing for the addition of aero dynamic equipment to their existing fleet of trailers.  The trailers were financed with another lender.

Result: Madison Capital provided 116K of vehicle financing under its interest free program.


Need: Financing needed by regional mall in Illinois for its new holiday décor.

Result: Madison Capital approved amount requested of 169K for 60 months with no personal guarantees required.


Need: Spinning bike facility was opening a new location and needed new cycles to complete the project.


Result: Madison Capital was able to secure and fund this repeat client for approximately 100K.  Madison Capital has funded their first and second locations and it appears there are many more to come.


Need:  Off airport daily rental company wanted to add used vehicles to its existing fleet.


Result: Madison Capital wrote 18 & 24 month leases for this 200k project.


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