Madison Capital Partners with NextGen GA Fund to help finance NextGen Installations

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Nexa Capital and the NextGen GA Fund. The NextGen GA Fund is a public-private partnership formed between the U.S. Congress, the aerospace industry and the private-sector investment community. The Fund will help modernize the general aviation fleet, benefiting tens of thousands of pilots and owners and increasing aircraft value along the way.

Madison Capital will serve as a financing partner with The NextGen GA Fund which will finance NextGen installations, using stipulated equipage families to include WAAS-capable GPS, ADS-B In, ADS-B Out, RNAV/RNP avionics, data communications, SWIM, flat panel displays, antennas, electronic components, instrument panel modifications, installation and certification costs.

The Fund will enable the retrofit of tens of thousands of general aviation aircraft and assist pilots and aircraft owners in overcoming financial challenges to completing these mandated safety-enhancing installations.

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