Compliant Data Destruction and Proper Disposal Of IT Equipment

  The following article may have ramifications for IT Equipment Leasing

  By Jim Noyes, Lifespan Technology Recycling

“Is the risk of improper disposal becoming the key driver in asset disposition in today’s regulated environment?”


Mid-sized companies to Fortune 500 companies are being fined by federal and/or state agencies for thousands to millions of dollars for improper disposal of electronic equipment.  Television exposes have shown used PC’s and monitors being burned in open pits in third world countries. We’ve seen this playing out a lot in the last few years and it’s going to play out a lot more in 2012 and beyond.


Data integrity and data destruction go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re a lessor who has possession of returned IT equipment or you’re a company with owned IT equipment, the laws regulating how you dispose of that gear are becoming increasingly stringent. Do you know all of the laws and regulations? More importantly, does your recycling/remarketing partner know them all? How safe do you feel about every piece of equipment that you send to your partner(s)? What certification do they hold and what processes do they follow? Do you audit them for compliance? read more…


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