Commercial truck financing has been our business for over 40 years. Put our financing expertise to use which can help save you time and money as you acquire, upgrade, replace, or refinance trucks and fleets. One of our specialties is commercial truck financing for used medium/heavy duty trucks. We have financing programs for a wide range of trucks and fleets.

Madison Capital works with you and helps manage your financing decisions. We find the lowest acquisition price and highest resale vehicles so you have the lowest payments available. We can help you determine end of term values so you pay for only the portion of the vehicle’s life (or value) used during the time of the lease/financing agreement. Madison Capital also manages any customization needs for your vehicle. This includes up fitting, coordinating multiple vendor vehicles, such as medium/heavy trucks, and providing consultation on tractors and trailers.
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Our fleet management services allow you to acquire fuel and maintenance programs, that help you track and report statistics for operational control and cost savings. Whatever your organization needs in order to “go” can be financed from Madison Capital, from computers to scheduling software and much more.

Our consultants will work with you in determining an advantageous financing solution that is best for your business needs. Give us a call to learn about your options. or APPLY NOW.