Vehicle financingDown the stretch we go!

It is hard to believe we are down to the last two months of the year. November and December are historically some of the biggest biz month’s for Madison as demand for financing peaks. We will still make time for Turkey Day, Christmas, and my grandchildren’s favorite day, Chanukah.

October ended with more treats than tricks.

Some of my transactions were an antique Corvette, 1964, to be placed in an open-air restaurant on a spinning showplace, $100K. Three (3) mini tour cars (look like fancy golf carts) for a private tour company, $74K. Also, a $50K trailer for a repeat client who finances around 5 a year. This is 4 this year, so we need one more. And, then there were the metal containers for a company who transports secret chemicals, $93K.

To my loyal clients, thank you for making my work so rewarding and always coming back.

Happy Holidays