Here comes 2019; and, we are all racing to get everything funded before year’s end. Then, we will all make our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, follow up our leads more efficiently, and knock the cover off the ball in 2019. These are familiar resolutions. I will check back next December to see who achieved their goals.

Here at Madison Capital, November was a good month and December has started off great. My fun November fundings were financing trailers for a large trucking company in the mid-west (fifth transaction) $160K, a custom trailer for a special use company $84K, and financed an overhaul of jet engines $400K. Finally, the transaction I wanted to deliver was a tour bus financed in Hawaii $89K. Touring Hawaii in a bus you financed would be great now, instead of the 22 (BURR) temp in Maryland.

December is a short month and Santa and Hanukkah are formidable distractions.Happy Holidays to all and best wishes closing out business for 2018.