Why lease financing is a better option for technology.

VP Business Development

Tom Myers, VP Business Development

I recently came across a really good article by Sapan Jain, country executive for IBM Global Financing, on why lease financing makes a lot of sense for companies acquiring IT equipment. Mr. Jain points out that because of fast approval times and the quick dispensation of funds by financiers today, financing can help accelerate the implementation of technology projects which in turn can lead to faster returns on investment (ROI) which is huge in today’s competitive business climate.

Mr. Jain adds that lease financing can help companies bring a more disciplined approach to their technology lifecycle management process. According to many IT analysts, problems with equipment generally seem to occur in the fourth year of equipment life. During that time, a company can unfortunately bear unexpected maintenance costs, lifting the total cost of ownership of their equipment.

To read the full article click: http://www.thehindu.com/sci-tech/technology/why-leasing-is-better-than-paying-cash-for-technology/article4106141.ece

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