optometrists 5Vendor relationships are an important part of our business. Madison offers optometry vendor financing programs for a wide range of new and used veterinary equipment. A strong financing partner can open up your sales to a whole new level.

Madison Capital’s Optometry Vendor Financing includes:

  • eSignature capability enabling faster turnaround and same day funding
  • We are a direct lender-not brokers-you talk to the decision makers and receive great rates
  • Increase your sales by providing an easy payment solution
  • Obtain a larger average sale per customer by financing additional cost over time
  • Using our financing programs requires no obligation on your part
  • Enhances your cash flow since Madison pays immediately upon customer acceptance
  • Access to immediate and convenient financing of your product

Our optometry vendor financing consultants have over 29 years of medical finance experience helping practices acquire state-of- the-art equipment and vehicles. Contact us today 800-733-5529×7339 or contactus@madisoncapital.com to see what we can do you.

Click here to complete our financing form. By becoming an approved vendor you can be assured of receiving payment in a timely manner.