Recipe for my success and proud of it

I am often asked how I am able to maintain my high level of energy and business performance while in my mid 70’s. It is simple. It is like a cake and its’ recipe. First, one must like they do, maintain a high level of interest by creativity (differs for each), stay ahead of the curve, and keep one’s brain engaged (think out of the box). One should always be thinking of how to be better than the competition. Oh yes, and do not forget about exercise. For the record, I have been in the vehicle and equipment finance business for 46 years, merged my company twice, and stopped running the company 2 years ago. Now, I sell (lots of repeat and new referred clients), read some credit, mentor, and help run the place when needed.

I start my day with a protein drink, hit the office gym for weights 3-4 days a week at about 7:30 for 30 minutes. Cardio is done 3 nights a week and Saturday and Sunday and when on vacation too. I also, mix in my version of YOGA which is a stretching regimen, almost daily, for 10-15 minutes (twice a day). Golf is also a summertime 3 day a week gig.

Now, if you do not like what you do, none of the above will keep you pumped up. If so, get a new job. I get as much joy from closing a $250K vehicle or equipment transaction as I did playing lacrosse in college. In short, like what you do and spin that passion into a game, mission, and regimen. That takes me to where I set goals annually. Some call me insane. Probably am-a bit, but I laugh a lot. Here is the insanity. Actually, I record all workouts from AB work, to my cardio, cycling, rowing, treadmill and arm work. Also, I continually set monthly and annual work out and sales goals. Adjustments seem to be always happening. That is called stay in the game. I am always chasing a workout or a transaction. I only think of what is next, never what was (unless there was a lesson to be learned), and how do I get there? Then, that is the next game recipe to succeed in whatever your goal is.

NO, I am not quitting anytime soon.  Always looking for the next transaction, next vendor program, or new piece of equipment for the office or home gym.

I will sign off with this. When I started in biz, there were 40000 banks in the US. Now, there is probably about 4000 +/-. I wish I had a $1.00 for everyone that said “I would not make it”. They are gone and I am here. HAHA

My wife Eileen, is my best cheerleader and I greatly appreciate her support. Today, I got here at 7, did 30 minutes of strength training, did a few transactions, handled a few PR missions, and now home for cardio and stretching.

Happy selling. Feel great about what you do; or, find something else that gets you pumped.