Madison Capital Customers Fill A Basic Need at Covid-19 Medical Treatment Areas With Leased or Financed Portable Restrooms and Restroom Trailers

Portable restrooms are promoted online as being well ventilated, sanitary, and pristine, even luxurious—and suddenly they are in greater demand. Although Madison Capital has financed this type of equipment for years, executives there say customers are now financing more of these larger units to meet the growing demand from medical institutions treating Coronavirus (Covid-19) patients.

Portable restrooms can be for single use. Or, they can be trailers, and many are able to accommodate up to eight persons with sides for women and men (if needed). Some include showers and can have customized configurations. These moveable facilities can be used by medical staff treating patients in temporary quarters, outside hospital buildings, that expand treatment capacity and separate contagious cases from others. They may be also needed where there is an overflow of patients. Portable restrooms provide a convenient place for critical control of hygiene for both patients and their caretakers.


Allan Levine, a partner in Madison Capital, in Owings Mills, Maryland, says restroom trailers
were in big demand after Hurricane Harvey struck parts of Texas and Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. Aside from their use in crisis situations, portable restrooms are often leased or rented for major sporting events, big weddings, outdoor workplaces, or venues where washrooms are needed for short or long durations.

Ranging in price from $30,000 to $50,000 each, Levine says restroom trailers are expensive to buy, but flexible short-term rental agreements make them reasonable to acquire for any length of time needed. Often, they are financed for two to four years. Levine wouldn’t name clients or the size of recent transactions, but he said Madison Capital also has clients who finance single-unit stalls, known collectively as “Porta-Potties” and used at construction sites, in parks, along roadsides where highway work is underway, and outside music or other crowded venues. While portable restrooms aren’t the largest business sector for Madison Capital, a national financing company with more than 40 years of experience, Levine notes that financing these units continues amid the pandemic-induced slump.

“The portable restroom rental business has varied clients and uses. Although not a glamorous subject, like fancy cars or exotic equipment, it sure is an item we can all use and need,” said Levine.

In addition to portable restroom financing and leasing, Madison Capital finances equipment in a variety of industries and markets, from avionics and landscaping to vocational trucks, ambulances, audio-visual, church production, funeral and medical imaging technology.