Lease Financing for Puerto Rico

Madison Capital has a long history of serving the equipment and vehicle lease financing needs of businesses across Puerto Rico. This beautiful island is thriving with businesses who need a dependable and solid source of lease financing in order to address growth opportunities. Whether it’s retrofitting ovens for a popular franchise restaurant or updating a fleet of vehicles for a service company, Madison has a lease financing solution.
One of the questions we are frequently asked is “what types equipment will Madison Capital finance?” We provide lease financing for a wide range of new and used equipment and vehicles ranging from 5k to 500k. Another question we are frequently asked is how quickly can you provide funding? That depends on a number of factors including the type of equipment, the financial strength of the business and its principals. Madison Capital utilizes electronic documents so paperwork can be reviewed and signed from anywhere making the process faster and smoother.
You have several options at the end of a lease, depending on the type of lease, including the following:
•Buy the equipment for $1.00
•Purchase the equipment for fair market value
•Continue to rent the equipment month to month or for a specific period of time (i.e. 3 months, 6 months, one year, etc.)
•Return the equipment to the lessor at the end of the term

It can be beneficial to establish a master lease agreement whereby additional equipment can be easily added to a lease in one document which will govern subsequent transactions. Under the master lease, the business will have schedules for each “batch” of equipment they finance over time with the lender. Schedules can be for different terms depending on what is appropriate for the heavy equipment being financed. If there is additional equipment or vehicles needed, you can simply add it to the master lease.
Be sure to download our free business financing report. For more information on Madison’s lease financing solutions visit here.