Lease Financing for Signs

Nancy Pistorio

Nancy Pistorio

Executive Vice President

In today’s tough economic climate, cash is king. In order to stay competitive, businesses are striving to stay on the leading edge; however, that often requires new equipment. One great way to advertise your business is through your company’s signage utilizing new sign technology and designs, such as electronic billboards. Many companies will require financing to acquire new signage or simply wish to conserve their cash for other business operations. Leasing can be the perfect solution.

Some of the benefits of lease financing for signs include:

  • 100% financing. Since leases do not require a down payment, you are left with more capital to invest in revenue-generating activities.
  • Tax Treatment. An operating lease is considered a tax-deductible overhead expense by the IRS so you can deduct the lease payments from your corporate income.
  • Flexibility. As you grow, you can easily add new signs or other equipment to your master lease through additional lease schedules or add-ons.
  • Asset Management. A lease provides the use of equipment for specific periods of time at fixed payments and the lessor assumes and manages the risk of equipment ownership.

The process is painless and straightforward. Generally a completed credit application and your most recent business financials are all you need to get started. After submitting these items, a decision can often be made within 48 hours. Of course, it is ideal if you can choose a leasing partner who is a direct funding source. This expedites the entire process and leaves little room for miscommunication regarding the transaction terms and requirements.