Helpful Tips to Finance Your Waste Management Vehicles and Machinery

Waste management is an equipment-heavy industry, requiring many specialized vehicles and other machinery to operate daily and maintain success. With such reliance on a costly resource, both private and municipal waste management enterprises share the challenge of financing their businesses.

How can you finance your fleet?

Many waste management companies turn to banks and bank-owned equipment financiers, but a private vehicle and equipment financing company like Madison Capital can provide more specialized service. Recyclers, waste companies and refuse companies should put their trust in people who know their industry and tailor their options to their equipment-based needs.

Private financing also frees your line of credit from the cumbersome expenses of heavy machines. Your waste management company may be making payments on equipment and vehicles for an extended period of time – a private lending process is far smoother in the long run than that of any bank.

Should you consider a lease?

Madison Capital also offers equipment leasing to waste management professionals. Here are some reasons you may benefit from opting into a lease:

  1. It’s financially smart. 75% of business owners who lease equipment did so because it was their smartest financial option, and this is especially true in waste management. Municipalities can also receive tax deductions on their leased equipment.
  2. It’s flexible. Recyclers can benefit from the ease with which leased equipment keeps up in a rapidly-changing industry, as can waste and refuse companies looking to upgrade to more state-of-the-art vehicles without a full credit investment.
  3. It’s beginner-friendly. Leasing is a great option for new waste management businesses. Waste, refuse and recycling companies can access all the equipment necessary to begin regardless of existing funds or credit.

Madison Capital is experienced and dedicated to equipment-based industries like waste management. Our services include financing and leasing for vehicles and equipment these businesses find essential, and we’re well-equipped to meet each company’s individual needs. Call us today! We’re happy to work with you to develop the right plan to finance your business.