Franchise Financing in Puerto Rico

Franchise financing

We recently had the opportunity to work with independent purchasing co-op (IPC) and the Development Agent in Puerto Rico. They sought an experienced financing firm that understood the Puerto Rican market and could provide franchise financing for 25 SUBWAY® franchisees’ needing new ovens. Because of our comfort in doing business in Puerto Rico and our knowledge of the franchise industry, we were able to respond quickly to the needs of the SUBWAY® franchisees.

The new ovens will help the SUBWAY® chain’s efforts to reduce its’ environmental footprint through sustainable operations. The new ovens will provide increased energy conservation by replacing outdated ones. Also, the new ovens will help serve additional customers more efficiently as the franchisees continue to experience explosive growth. As a direct funding source, Madison Capital has the ability to serve the unique financing needs of franchise businesses’ across Puerto Rico, Canada and the United States.