non emergency vehicle 1Maintaining a fleet of vehicles can be challenging. A rigorous schedule can age commercial vehicles quickly. Madison Capital offers a variety of Leasing/Financing solutions. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding financing services nationwide.

If you are considering increasing or upgrading your current fleet, from 1 to 500, please consider Madison Capital. Madison Capital has been providing leasing and financing solutions for over 40 years, to all types of businesses.

Newer vehicles are dependable and have lower operating and maintenance costs. A well maintained fleet can be more appealing to clients.

If you have plans of upgrading your vehicles, please consider Madison Capital’s advantages:

  • Fixed rate for the term
  • If desired, residual values can conserve working capital
  • Preserve bank lines of credit for other immediate non-collateral money needs
  • Flexible financing programs with more options (including seasonal payments)
  • Direct funding source – we are not a broker

Our financing process is fast and easy.

  • You choose the vehicle or equipment to be financed
  • Complete and send our 1 page application
  • We will contact you to review your needs and follow up with a financing proposal

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Madison is dedicated to providing outstanding customer service. If you have questions please contact Dan Janus, VP Business Development, or 800-733-5529.