Laser Maze Challenge®

The Laser Maze Challenge® with Beam Buster® invites players to step into the game and star in their own action-packed laser adventure. Players quick on their feet and up for a challenge navigate through a field of laser beams to reach mission objectives quickly. Spontaneous, young at heart players can instead break as many beams possible under a time crunch. Backlights and green lasers light up the dark room to provide a visible maze to navigate. This immersive gameplay requires only 200- to 400-square feet, has quick throughput, and requires minimal maintenance, making it an ideal booster.





RAID™ (Rapid Alien Invasion Defense™

RAID™ (Rapid Alien Invasion Defense™) places the future of the planet in players’ hands as they become members of a secret government agency and work to save planet Earth. Players complete complex tasks of increasing difficulty while avoiding detecting lasers. Periodic updates to the game’s puzzles keep this booster attraction fresh with excitement, and integrated technology means updates can happen without an overhaul to the system. Requiring only 120-square feet, this immersive gameplay offers quick throughput and needs minimal maintenance, making it an ideal booster attraction. 


Funovation is proud to partner with Madison Capital to bring you the most attractive and flexible financing options towards owning a Laser Maze Challenge. Madison Capital has over 40 years of experience providing financing solutions to the attractions (amusement) and FEC industry. We understand the unique requirements of this market. As a direct lender we can make decisions quickly and design flexible financing with terms to meet your needs.






Additional benefits of Madison Capital’s lease financing programs include:

  • Low monthly payments with seasonal and deferred payment options
  • Structures to meet capital or operating budget requirements
  • Potential tax advantages
  • Fixed rate financing
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • E-docs to help you get your Laser Maze Challenge equipment as quickly as possible

For more information on these programs email: or call 800.733.5529.