Executive Transportation in Delaware Finances Larger Vehicles for Big Events

When you talk to Howard Mullin, president of Executive Transportation, based in Greenwood, DE, the immediate impression is of a businessman who is dedicated to getting things done. He’s personable, but he’s efficient. He is not going to waste anyone’s time. And that is what he found attractive about financing his company’s recent vehicle purchases with Madison Capital. He says he was most impressed the process was quick and easy.

Interior party décor with dancing lights, sound system and bar

Amber Baker, Executive Transportation’s office manager, says many clients already know the fleet and what they want, but when someone is new, she gives them the rundown on the whole fleet. “Then, I let them tell me what they want.

While there is business competition in his area, Mullin notes that most of their business is composed of repeat clients. They return, he says, because “they always get our personal service.”

Customers typically rent these vehicles for wedding parties, sports events, or to transport business groups to airports and extended families to beach vacations.

Last year, Madison Capital provided financing for two motor coach buses and a limousine. In recent years, Mullin notes, buses have been in demand for weddings because the celebrants can treat a larger group to luxury transportation for a similar price. But recently he has noted increasing interest in limos again. One trend he observes is that customers believe “bigger is better.”

Mullins will accommodate: If there is a 20-member wedding party, Executive Transportation can provide a bus with TV, bar and sound system. And the newly acquired motor coach buses can hold as many as 56 passengers.

Specifically, through Madison Capital, they financed a Centra coach bus, a Van Hool coach and a white Chrysler limousine.

His fleet is varied to reflect the mix of clientele. According to the company website at ExecutiveTransportationDE.com, the fleet also includes:

Town Cars/SUV

Stretch Lincoln Town Car

Stretch Chrysler 300

20-Passenger Limo Bus

26-Passenger Limo Bus

27-29-Passenger Shuttle Bus

33-Passenger Luxury Shuttle

56-Passenger Coach Bus

Mullin has been in the commercial transportation industry for 33 years and sees transportation interests ebb and flow, but there are always people coming to the Delaware beaches for parties who are looking for luxury transportation. Most of his customers are in Delaware or Eastern Maryland, from Salisbury and Dover to the Eastern Shore, Rehoboth, and Ocean City.

He has used other financing companies in the past to acquire commercial vehicles, but what he likes about Madison Capital is the ease of doing business. In fact, he had done business years ago with Madison’s Tom Myers when Myers needed a bus for a church group. So, there was a trusted business relationship he could count on.

Mullin likes how fast Madison approves deals with its clients. Logistical details like Madison’s use of electronic documents make everything run smoothly. “You don’t want to be looking for mail facilities; they are few and far between in Delaware, Mullin said. “When they get a contract to you for an electronic signature an hour later, and say, ‘You’re good to go,’ that’s a big deal in our business.”

Executive Transportation has provided clients with outstanding limousine services for more than 25 years, according to the company website. “We believe the journey is just as important as the destination,” the company states on its website. “We recognize that when you book a ride with us, it’s likely for a monumental occasion like a wedding or your senior prom so naturally, we want to make it count. We want to help you and your guests create an experience you can cherish for years to come.”

Mullin’s company rents vehicles of all types for special events, from decked-out limousines to coach buses for big parties. He custom-details every rental to ensure the interiors make the right impression for each occasion.

A party group may enjoy laser lights dancing from floor to ceiling and great stereo sound, while corporate executives are impressed with wood flooring and high-quality accessories at the bar. They want a Rolls Royce-type interior, Mullin suggests.

“I try and give them what I would like,” he adds, noting that he grew up in the auto business. His dad owned two car dealerships before they entered this business together.

Arriving in luxury with a vehicle from Executive Transportation