Equipment & Vehicle Financing. What are the most leased asset types?

Equipment Financing

According to the 2012 SEFA, Survey of Equipment Finance Activity, the top three types of assets lease financed in 2011 were transportation, computer and agricultural equipment. It’s interesting that they make up more than 50% of transactions reported by ELFA members. Surprisingly, medical equipment saw a decline in business volume.

Some of the survey highlights include:

·        New business volume grew by 16.5%

·        Independents saw the strongest increase in volume increase

·        Delinquincies and charge offs have decreased

·        Credit approvals increased

·        All market segments showed growth in volume, except for the smallest segment

The 2012 SEFA survey comprises a cross section of equipment lease and loan origination by product, structure, and origination. It provides a baseline and benchmark for companies operating in the equipment financing space through a voluntary survey of ELFA members. To access a copy go to