Our equipment leasing process is quick and easy.

Applicants should provide:

  • Completed Madison Capital credit application (via mail, fax, or email)
  • Description of Equipment or Vehicles to be leased and cost
  • Terms of lease desired
  • Financial statement(s) for leases over $35,000

After information is received, Madison Capital will:

  • Verify bank account information
  • Confirm status with trade references
  • Access Credit Bureaus, Paynet, and other electronic credit rating agencies as appropriate
  • Review Application

We will respond, usually within 24-48 hours (weekends excluded) and:

  • Notify you of approval status or request additional information, if needed
  • Prepare lease documents

Original lease documents will be sent to the customer or dealer (whichever preferred):

  • Appropriate parties will execute the documents
  • Documents are returned to us with either the security deposit or advance payment and documentation fee
  • After receipt of the executed lease, we will issue a purchase order to the vendor/dealer
  • After receipt of customer’s certificate of acceptance and verbal confirmation of the equipment delivery, we will pay the vendor. The billing process begins immediately after the vendor is paid