Electric Truck Fleet Financing

We help businesses save money and reduce their environmental impact by financing electric truck fleets. Over the years we’ve financed a lot of fleet vehicles so the idea of our clients saving money by utilizing  electric truck fleets is exciting. There’s a new electric truck, The Condor, by EV Fleets coming onto the market. EV Fleets looks very promising for fleet managers and alternative vehicle enthusiasts. The cost of gasoline is unstable and a major expense for fleet operators. Fleet managers with light commercial trucks and daily travel of fewer than 200 miles can save big money by utilizing electric vehicles such as EV Fleets Condor half-ton pick-up truck. You can travel 300 miles for the cost of one gallon of gas. And it burns clean with no carbon emissions. This is no wimpy truck either, with highway speeds up to 80 mph, 0-60 MPH in 5-12 seconds (programmable) and carrying power of 1000lbs of payload. Of course the harder you put the pedal to the metal the shorter the battery life, which when used as instructed garners over 100 miles between full charges.

Speaking of battery life, Vehicle-to-Grid is an emerging technology that shows promise in two main areas. During Peak Power demand periods when electrical costs are at their highest, EVFI vehicles can cut your energy costs by supplying energy collected at cheaper rates behind your local power meter. This could mean thousands of dollars in savings each month for some applications. Smart Grid Technology can help you optimize your power management by reducing loads on the public grid, saving billions in grid upgrades over time. You may already have a small UPS for your computer for backup during brief power outages. 25 EVFI trucks can store up to a megawatt-hour of electrical energy that, when connected to your grid, could keep your essential services operating for hours or days if the power grid goes out. The Department of Defense is slowly funding a Vehicle to Grid pilot program to protect and support the power supplies of 6 military installations in the US, with the EVFI Condor. There is almost no such thing as a non-tactical installation anymore. All military installations are now tactical; therefore, V2G Technology has been called “mission essential” to ensure readiness. EVFI is at the forefront of this technology and Madison Capital can help you finance your grid or batteries.

The EV Fleet is built with a modular manufacturing process and designed to give the fleet operator the exact vehicle that meets his or her needs. Try that with the big automakers.

You can discover potential cost savings by utilizing EV Fleets interactive “what if” tool that will highlight the difference in the cost of operation between your existing gas-powered fleet and the EVFI Condor electric truck fleet. The tool will illustrate the how the bottom line improves after one to five years of operation.

Check with your accountant on the rules for receiving federal, state, and local tax incentives.

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