With over four decades of experience in the commercial vehicle leasing and financing industry, Madison Capital is your number one source for reliable equipment at a reasonable cost. From vehicles to vehicle fleets, we understand that you need the right equipment to make your business thrive. That’s why our commercial vehicle lease plans are designed to give you maximum flexibility and affordability when it comes to upgrade or replace existing vehicles. With Madison Capital, you can rest assured that getting the perfect fit for your organization is easy and economical.

Madison Capital manages your lease/finance decision every step of the way. We find the lowest acquisition price and highest resale vehicles so you have lower payments than with traditional financing methods. We maximize end of lease values so you pay for only the portion of the vehicle’s life (or value) used during the time of the lease. Madison Capital also manages any customization that needs to be done to your vehicle. This includes up fitting light duty trucks, coordinating multiple vendor vehicles, such as medium and heavy trucks, and providing consultation on tractors and trailers as well.

No fleet is too large or too small for our vehicle oriented programs. Our fleet management services allow you to acquire fuel and maintenance programs, which track and report statistics to help you manage vehicle operations and control costs.

Our financing experts can assist you in determining the proper transportation solution for your business. Contact us today 800-733-5529 or contactus@madisoncapital.com  to discover what we can do for you.

Benefits of Commercial Vehicle Leasing

Vehicle leasing is a smart decision. We lease any type of vehicle you need for your business from 1 to up to 500 units. Our lease financing representatives have over 100 years of combined vehicle leasing experience and can effectively consult on and manage all your transportation needs. Now is a great time to lease. There are numerous advantages of leasing your next vehicle.

  • Improve cash flow
  • Tax benefits
  • Advantageous pricing and payment structure
  • Vehicle leases can take advantage of incentives and rebates
  • Lessor expertise in buying, selling and specification recommendations
  • Reduced administrative time and costs
  • Consolidated billing
  • No down payment needed

Commercial Vehicle Leasing Facts

  • Vehicle leasing comprises about 35% of the market for vehicles costing approximately $45,000 or less.
  • And 60% of the market for vehicles costing in excess of $45,000.
  • Leasing as a form of financing for business vehicles has been growing over the last 5 years.
  • Open-end leases enable the lessee to participate in the end of lease settlement. Sometimes the term TRAC lease is used, meaning the lease has a Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause.
  • With a closed-end lease, the lessee has no responsibility at lease end except for body damage, excess mileage or abusive wear and tear. This is also known as a “walk away” lease.
  • Closed-end leases offer off balance sheet financing.
  • For a vehicle loan to have the same payment as a lease, a large down payment would be required.

Madison Capital is a member of the following commercial vehicle leasing and fleet associations:

National vehicle leasing association
AFLA Automotive Fleet Leasing Association
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National Vehicle Leasing Association
Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association
American Car Rental Association
Maryland Motor Truck Association