Madison Capital can provide the following fleet services for your leased vehicle(s):

  • Accident Management
  • Maintenance & Mechanical Repair
  • Vehicle Rental Services
  • Fuel Management Programs
  • Safety Programs
  • Web-based Applications

Accident Management

Having an accident can be a stressful and difficult situation, and you and your drivers do not have time to deal with this time-consuming process. Our fleet services program handles every aspect of an accident situation including accident reporting, vehicle repair, rental car, subrogation and salvage.

Subrogation features include:

  • Knowledgeable collection experts
  • Prompt contact of responsible parties
  • Faster, larger settlement of your claim
  • Claim specialists with contacts throughout the insurance industry
  • Asset checks on uninsured third parties
  • Police reports procured in a timely manner
  • Claim progress via a secure web site
  • Regular management updates

Maintenance & Mechanical Repair

Maintenance is critical for any type of vehicle. Keeping your fleet in working order is critical to the success of many businesses. Preventative maintenance, major mechanical repairs, glass repair, and 24-hour roadside assistance are all included in the maintenance package.

Preventative maintenance features include:

  • Computerized service records on fleet vehicles to ensure prompt work completion
  • Specialized reports for managing your fleet for scheduled maintenance
  • Competitive pricing through brand-name vendors
  • Coupon books, identification cards, and purchase orders customized for your fleet

Vehicle Rental Services

We have access to a network of over 6,000 car and truck suppliers with access to over 500,000 vehicles of all types. This network provides vehicles throughout the United States. No matter where your driver breaks down or gets into an accident he/she has access to a rental vehicle. Many of the companies in the network offer unlimited mileage. Rates are pre-negotiated to ensure consistency, rather than having to pay based on demand. The rental program also offers several levels of rental insurance for you to choose from.

Fuel Management

Vehicles are in constant need of fuel and businesses are in constant need of fuel management. The fuel program offers companies the option to give their drivers fuel cards. These fuel cards can be used to purchase fuel, alternative fuels, lubricants, and necessary fluids. Each card is assigned to an individual driver, so you can track individual spending. This program also allows you to set spending limits for each driver. Purchase limits can be limited to products, per day spending, and/or per month spending.

Safety Programs

Your vehicles are dependent on your drivers. Unsafe or reckless drivers equal high maintenance costs and high probability of accidents. The safety program reviews driver records, safety records, and loss history, which allows you to establish a standard for your drivers. It also helps with safety seminars, safety training courses, vehicle safety kits, and policy manuals. This helps reduce your overall fleet costs by minimizing repairs and accidents.

Web-based Applications

Your fleet management package is made complete with web-based applications. This package offers online information services, which allows for easy access to all your fleet information.

Benefits of the online information service are:

  • Prompt access to pertinent information relating to claims
  • Real-time access to the subrogation process and recovery of the loss
  • Reports and Graphs
  • Secure tracking site offered at no additional cost

Think about it. Let us analyze your fleet. There’s no cost to you. We have over 40 years of expertise. Whether you are looking to lease a new or used single car purchase, 1 or up to 500 units, or to refinance, give us a call 800-733-5529 or We can help!