Alternative vehicle leasing

Alternative vehicle leasing and financing has been our business for over 40 years. Lease financing offers numerous advantages including: improving cash flow, tax benefits, no down payment, advantageous pricing and payment structures. Whatever your organization needs to help you “go” can be financed through Madison Capital. Our Alternative Fuel Vehicle lease plans enable you to acquire, upgrade, or replace vehicles and fleets easily and economically.

Madison Capital manages your lease/finance decision every step of the way. We find the lowest acquisition price and highest resale vehicles so you have lower payments than traditional financing methods. We maximize end of lease values so you pay for only the portion of the vehicle’s life (or value) used during the time of the lease. Madison can also manage any customization and uplifting needed for your vehicle.

Why do our clients choose Madison Capital?

  • Industry Knowledge- we understand the AFV market
  • Flexibility- more options than bank finance sources
  • Direct funding source- talk to the decision makers directly
  • Fast turnaround- decisions typically within 48 hours
  • Talk to the experts- more than 40 years of vehicle financing/refinancing expertise
  • We know residual values

Our consultants are trained to assist you in determining the proper financing solution for your business. Contact us telephone today 800-733-5529 or to see what we can do for you.