5 things to look for when leasing and financing in Puerto Rico

Madison Capital has been helping businesses of all sizes finance equipment and vehicles for more than 40 years. Our success is based on our commitment to delivering outstanding service, quick response times, and knowledgeable support. Initially focused on the Mid-Atlantic region, we now conduct business throughout the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Madison Capital has a rich history of serving the lease financing needs of businesses across Puerto Rico. This beautiful island is thriving with companies that need a dependable and solid source of lease financing to address growth opportunities. Whether it’s retrofitting ovens for a popular franchise restaurant (Madison provided the financing for $600K of new ovens for 25 SUBWAY® restaurants throughout Puerto Rico) or updating a fleet of vehicles for a service company, Madison has a lease financing solution they can tailor to your specific needs.

Why Lease?

Purchasing Power: a lease allows you to acquire more equipment for your business! Preserve capital and acquire additional assets with minimal initial expenses.

Advanced Technology: nowadays, equipment can become obsolete just years after it was introduced to the market. By leasing, you’re able to trade-up to the latest model sooner, with no money lost.

Why Lease from Us?

Experience: Madison Capital has more than 40 years of experience in commercial vehicle and equipment financing. Our focus is on providing knowledgeable support while delivering outstanding service.

Speed: Assuming all necessary information is provided, we typically can approve financing within 4 to 8 hours (excluding weekends). Our fast turnaround time allows for quicker acquisition for your equipment and/or vehicles.

Cost: The lessee (you) can negotiate the best price on the equipment and, with vehicles, Madison Capital can assist in the buying process. Rest assured, you’ll be getting the best price in the industry. We also offer fixed rate financing to make budgeting easier on you. We finance amounts as small as $10,000 and offer personalized service.  These are just a few reasons why our customers choose us!

Flexibility: At the end of the lease, you’ve got options, including purchasing the equipment or vehicle. (In the case of equipment, often for a $1.00 or, for vehicles, the prearranged residual amount, whichever was agreed to in the Lease Agreement). You may also continue to rent the equipment month to month or for a specific period, or simply return the equipment to the lessor at the end of the term.

Support: You will be contacted upon receipt of your equipment to ensure you have received what was ordered. After the initial receipt of the equipment, your vendor will troubleshoot problems and/or replace equipment as defined in any warranty. We’re always there for any financing needs.

We offer financing in Puerto Rico for most equipment $5K-$500K and vehicles up to 500 units. Talk to us; we’ll assist you in selecting the appropriate financing solution for your business needs.