4 Reasons to Upgrade Your Medical Equipment Today

One thing all medical practices have in common is the need for advanced, cutting-edge technology and equipment. To deliver exceptional medical services, adding and replacing medical equipment to meet the rising demands of an ever-changing marketplace is a constant in this industry.

Medical leasing equipment

New patients will be drawn to your practice with the knowledge and confidence that you have the latest equipment.

Why upgrade?

Acquiring state-of-the art equipment for your practice is vital to keeping up with the demands of the marketplace. Here are four reasons why you can’t afford to wait:

  1. Acquiring the latest diagnostic equipment shows your current patients you care about their health and well-being, and have the necessary means to solve their problems.
  2. New patients will be drawn to your practice with the knowledge and confidence that you have the latest equipment. Younger patients are starting their careers, moving and leaving their parent’s insurance, and typically judge a practice on its technological capabilities.
  3. Being able to provide care in the comfort of your own office instead of referring patients elsewhere maximizes profits and reputation.
  4. Patient satisfaction grows with the convenience of getting a broad array of tests and procedures performed at their primary doctor’s or dentist’s office.

Acquiring the latest in equipment adds value for your patients immediately. Choosing the right financing option  allows you to pay for equipment updates over time in manageable installments. Your practice can begin offering expanded services right away while allowing you to pay for your upgrades with the additional revenue your new equipment generates!

Why finance with a lease?

Purchasing your equipment in full requires you to utilize your valuable cash or lines of credit.  These sources of funds are critical to your day to day operations.

Here are four reasons why lease financing may be the best option for you:

  1. Fixed rate financing
  2. Less initial upfront cash required
  3. Lower monthly payments
  4. Possible tax benefits

Our medical financing team has decades of expertise working with thousands of businesses across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico. We specialize in a wide variety of medical practices, including optometry,  radiology, dental, and veterinary. Every organization is unique so we take the time to listen before presenting options best suited for your needs. After discussing your specific situation, we can provide the best financing options for you. Give us a call today!